Be Willing to Be Interrupted

A much needed word that came to me last night by a good friend and sister in the Lord. Let me say thank you! God always has a way of getting you the word that you need at the very time you need it. 

I have been taking several weeks and just reevaluating the ministry that God has placed in my life. The ministry as well as myself have been going through a great purging, (Never easy but needful). Repentance has been the focal point of my prayers. Healing for soul, mind, and body has been my request. Through this time of purging there has been a great hunger and desire that has entered back into me for preaching the gospel of the Kingdom as well as revealing Jesus more than ever before.

I NOW challenge the body of Christ to make room for the Holy Spirit. Be willing to let your life be interrupted. Not for the sake of popularity. There is only one that will be exalted in this type of season and that is Jesus Christ. No more I that liveth but its Christ that liveth in me.
Have a blessed day!

We MUST allow our lives to be fully interrupted by Him. That is the only way we will see the will of God accomplished in our lives.
— Bishop W.A. Hudgins