Forced by Reality

This statement has shook me to my inner being.  The Holy Spirit spoke this to me this morning and placed a mandate upon me to speak to the body at Eagle Sanctuary.  

"Let us not kill a whole generation for the sake of saving our Religious mind set.  By embracing the gospel of the Kingdom we embrace life for the next generation.  We are being forced by reality to make changes in our belief system that will make room in our lives for nothing but Jesus."

To be Kingdom minded, we need to be FORCED out of our comfort zone.
— Bishop W.A. Hudgins

More of Him and less of me.  

A few more thoughts from today's message:

The American Church mind set is give the people anything to make everyone feel good and keep the people coming back each week.  We have become a powerless Church because we have placed our focus on everything else except Jesus.  

Praise Teams, Personality driven Preachers and beautiful Cathedrals are not enough in this hour.  We Need The Holy Spirit.

Once we understand our purpose as Kingdom people we will understand that we have a Chain Breaker anointing.