Kingdom Authority

During Sunday's service, Eagle Sanctuary was overtaken by the power of the Holy Ghost. During service, I saw the hand of God move on His people like nothing I've witnessed in many years. Yes, years!

The water was troubled and miracles filled the house. Backs healed. Eye sight restored. Hearts that was hardened was broken by the power of the Holy Ghost.

The charisma of the Holy Spirit was so real that no one present could deny His existence. We at Eagle Sanctuary will not be satisfied with just a visitation nor "just another movement". We choose to build a habitat for the Holy Spirit to dwell and thrive. That word TRIVE is so so vital! 

Here are just a few notes from today's message:

  • Being created in the image of God gives us access to Kingdom living.  
  • We have been given Kingdom authority to act as God agents in this present world.  
We have been given the Key’s to the Kingdom.  Not a duplicate set of keys but the original keys to the Kingdom.
— Bishop W.A. Hudgins
  • Father God gave Jesus the keys of the Kingdom.  Jesus gave the Church the keys of the Kingdom that was given to Him.  The keys we have as the body of Christ are the same keys that Jesus used to unlock the many miracles He performed during His ministry. 
  • It's time the Church unlocks the doors to everything that has been promised to us.  Doors of healing.  Doors of financial freedom.  Doors of peace and joy.  
  • Place your foot on the head of the enemy's of your soul until every enemy dies under the power and authority God has given you.

It's more than emotion. It's more than a movement. It's more than even modern Church can wrap it's collective mind around. It's back to basics for all of us at Eagle Sanctuary. In the coming months we will unlock ever promise, every victory that has been promised to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

Be encouraged, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!