Revisiting Kingdom Theology

Just a few notes from Sunday Celebration at Eagle Sanctuary, Christian, WV

Revisiting Kingdom Theology.

When the preaching of the Kingdom is done with simplicity then the comprehension of the hearer increases. 
4 fundamentals of Kingdom Theology:

  1. You must be born again to see the Kingdom. 
  2. You must seek the Kingdom
  3. You must enter the Kingdom
  4. You must demonstrate the power of the Kingdom

Once you are born again then you must seek what you see.  Once you find what you are seeking then you must enter what you have sought.  Once you enter what you seek then you must demonstrate the power of what you have entered.
See, Seek, Enter, Demonstrate

Christians are the created image of the Father.  As He is so are we.
— Bishop Hudgins

Gods plan never changed when Adam fell.  Kingdom Authority has and always will be the will of the Father for the believers.