Nothing's Impossible

What an awesome time we had this past Sunday at Eagle Sanctuary. Every Monday I'll try to give some brief notes on what we covered during the message. Just a few thoughts from our service yesterday.

  • Numbers 13:30 (Study this verse!)
  • Every negative voice is being silenced.
  • The Church has entered a Prophetic era. 
  • As the Church begins to declare what is their God given right the door way into Devine destiny will become clearer. 
  • To enter our land of promise we must be willing to walk out of Egypt. 
  • While others say it is impossible Prophetic people say nothing is impossible. 
  • While others say we can't, Prophetic people say we are well able to take the land. 
  • While others lean towards the law, Prophetic people move towards promise. 
  • Prophetic people understand the purpose of Pharaoh is to continue to push them closer to their divine destiny.

Yesterday during my message I heard the Spirit say very clearly, "Now Is Not The Time To Pull Away. Now is the time to be rooted and grounded." God is looking for those that are consistent in their faith walk, Faithful to their local Church, and those that are standing firm on the Word. Harvest time is upon us. Those that are planted will produce much fruit.

And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.
— Numbers 13:30, ASV